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Comparing the 2015 Tout Auction to 2015 Tout Draft’s Dollar Values. What?

Screenshot 2015-03-27 14.30.22If you order the auction dollar values from most expensive to least expensive, then overlay them on the player selection order in a draft, you get a dollar value for each (more…)

How Much A Difference Does Moving From BA to OBP Make?

Votto: Keeping a good eye on the base on balls.

Votto: Keeping a good eye on the base on balls.

Tout Wars Weekend is coming up, which means (more…)

Some Category Valuation Observations for Roto Pricing

Rudy Gamble is running a series on player valuation over at, and he has lots of interesting things to say. One of the reasons for that is because he’s inquiring. He’s doing that most interesting thing, to me anyway, of trying to figure it out in public. The piece (more…)

Deriving Dollar Values from Mock Drafts

This past week I participated in two NL-only roto mock drafts. Yes, drafts.

The beauty of a draft is that there is only one path to the promised land. Select the best player available for your team, from the next 12 players to be taken.

A 12-team NL-only draft should (more…)

The FanGraphs Auction Calculator

Screenshot 2015-02-24 16.24.48FanGraphs posted a fantasy auction calculator today, or maybe they posted it yesterday. I found it today.

Enter your league parameters and it will give you dollar values for the (more…)

Finding Undervalued Pitchers: SIERA and FIP

Yesterday we ran correlations between various pitching metrics and fantasy baseball profits for pitchers, and found that most of the ways we evaluate pitchers—like strikeouts and ERA—influence a pitcher’s cost so much that they don’t help us predict profits.

But we did discover (more…)

Finding Undervalued Pitchers: Fun with Correl!

My buddy Mike Salfino, who writes about baseball (both real and fantasy) at the Wall Street Journal and Yahoo!, loves (K-BB)/IP to evaluate pitchers, and to find those delightfully undervalued arms that help teams (both real and fantasy) win.

I like (K-BB)/IP, too, but in talking about it I (more…)

End of Season Roto Prices for 2014.

These are 5×5 BA prices for a 24 team mixed league. The top 336 hitters have positive value, as do the top 216 pitchers. These are the prices you would pay if you were having a retrospective draft, buying the 2014 stats today.

These are first pass prices. They (more…)

Roto Prices Through the End of August!

The latest monthly earnings report is posted here.

Remember that these are 5×5 (BA) prices based on the full league budget of $3120 per team in a 12 team only league.

These are made on the fly, so they give positive values to the Top 108 pitchers and the (more…)

End of July Roto Prices Posted.

A new format, for a good reason. This month we present the preseason price for each hitter and pitcher, and the end of month earnings for each. You can access the sheet here.

They’re sorted by biggest dollar gains to biggest losers, which is a rough approximation of last (more…)